What You Need in a Good Vacuum Valve


An Industrial Vacuum Valve otherwise known as a self closing inlet valve is an important part of a central vacuum piping system. Vacuums are an important and essential part of almost any industrial or commercial operation. Industrial vacuums keep factories, floors and machinery clean. Many people think that industrial vacuums are only necessary for cleaning up floors. This is not true. Because industrial vacuums are used in so many different types of machines, central pneumatic vacuum tubing and fittings with inlet valves is often necessary. The inlet valve can do a number of things. The inlet valve can be used to attach the hose to another part of the machine. It can also be used to direct air flow from one part of the machine to another part. Because of this, it’s important to know exactly what you need to locate an inlet vacuum valve before you buy the complete industrial pneumatic  vacuum tubing and fittings.


Deciding which size of inlet vacuum valve you need can be difficult. First, you need to decide what hose size you are going to be using the vacuum inlet valve for. Do you use vacuums for cleaning? Do you have a vacuum that is part of a bigger machine? The answers to these questions will help you narrow down the size of industrial inlet  valves you will need.


Processing equipments inlet vacuum valves can help you accomplish any large pneumatic vacuum valve tubing and fittings task. With large central plants with machinery, industrial vacuum valves are very common. These vacuum valves help clean up the mess left by the machine, and help clean the air. If you need an industrial inlet vacuum valve for your processing equipment, we can help you. The best way for us to help you find an inlet valve is for you to contact us. Fill out a vacuum questionnaire as to why you need an inlet vacuum valve. What type of machine you are using the inlet valve and tubing and fittings system for. Then, we will be able to show you the best vacuum inlet valve for the job. This is much preferable to the alternative, which is buying an inlet valve and a pneumatic vacuum and fittings system without getting advice on sizing or information.


Like other parts of machines, an industrial inlet vacuum valve can wear. For people looking to buy vacuum inlet valves, we can help you select the correct vacuum inlet valve for your application. The best industrial inlet vacuum valve is one that is designed for long-term use, and one that will last you a long time. Many vacuum inlet valves are designed to reduce the amount of friction they come across in daily use. Our inlet valves will give you the best value, but they can cost more upfront. With the amount of time an inlet vacuum valve will last, though, it can be worth the price.


Knowledge on the parts of an industrial  vacuum inlet valve system is very important. For this reason, we recommend that you ask a professional for help on choosing your parts. If you’ve had an inlet vacuum valve break down, or need advice on how to make other repairs, feel free to contact us. We will give you the best options for your machine, and help you buy vacuum inlet valves, self closing valves, industrial pneumatic tubing and fittings, that not only works perfectly, but will last you a long time. With the cost of large processing machines, getting self closing inlet valves that work correctly and help your machine and inlet valves last a long time is a great investment.




Industrial vacuum inlet valves are an integral part of any large machine or vacuum. If you’ve had a valve break, making sure the next valve you buy is durable and of excellent quality is important.


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