Month: September 2016

Fact or Fiction: Is Cleaning Your Windows in the Rain Futile?

You’ve heard it before, a window cleaner insists matter-of-factly that they can’t clean windows when it’s raining. They tell you the reason why is that the rain will leave your windows dirty again after the cleaning making the task essentially futile. Is this really true though? Is cleaning your windows when it’s raining as futile as they make it out to be? Or is it just another old wives tale?

What makes a window dirty?

There are many factors that contribute to dirty windows, from the inside and out. Inside, it can be little hands, puppy noses, dust and other nuisances. But outside factors are mainly wind carrying dust and dirt toward the window. Some of it will stick to your glass and over time, the mess builds up and it makes new dirt and dust stick to the old dust, creating a snowball effect. The more dirt and debris is on your windows to begin with, the more will stick to it.

When it is raining and windy, the difference is that the dirt or dust will be wet, and take on a different consistency. Water spots are a result of rain mixed with dirt and dust drying off the surface of the glass. The water evaporates and leaves only the solids behind. It is true that dust mixed with moisture, and dirt mixed with moisture will stick more easily to your window, but rain alone will not.

Rain, by itself, will never make your windows dirty. On a clean window, rain alone will bead up and run off and leave no trace of itself. Furthermore, a clean window will resist dust and debris sticking to it easier than a dirty window would.

So, why would a window cleaner tell me not to clean my windows in the rain?

It’s simple. They don’t want to clean your windows in the rain. There is no doubt that standing outside in the pouring rain cleaning windows can be miserable, but it should never prevent a professional from getting the job done. This is one of the factors you should consider when choosing your window cleaner.

So the answer to the question, is cleaning windows in the rain futile, is a resounding, NO! This is indeed fiction. The fact of the matter is, rain is water, pure and simple. Alone, rain will do nothing to impede the progress of your windows being cleaned. In fact, rain can make the best reason to get them cleaned, that way you can ensure the moisture won’t stick to debris and dust on your windows and leave spots.

So the next time you make your appointment to get your windows cleaned, choose a cleaner with a rain coat and don’t worry about the weather!

Vacuum Cleaners for Hardwood Floors

The best vacuum for hardwood floors would not have beater brushes, are lightweight weight, have a maneuverable head for moving into nooks and crannies, and enough suction to select up debris like little pebbles and cat litter.

If the vacuum head does not return padded, i like to recommend attaching skinny cushion to the parts that rub along the ground to stop scratches. Felt furniture strips work well for this. Brush them clean when every use to make sure grit does not follow the padding and scrape the ground.

Choose your felt pads rigorously. You get what you procure. i have never had a lot of luck with the sunshine tan pads usually found at retail stores. they do not stick well – and it will you no smart if they fall off or if you have got to interchange them constantly.

Some hardwood floor house owners like the wet/dry sort canister or upright vacuum. they assist you quickly subsume each spills and different liquid cleanup in addition as dirt and grit which will scratch your floors. you do not would like a brush, dust pan, mop or bucket if you utilize one amongst these machines!

The Bissell upright wet/dry machine pictured here options 3 choices – vacuum, heated wet vacuum, and drying. house owners love the thought of vacuuming, and then mopping with heated cleaning product (released on your floor by a trigger you squeeze), and then drying the ground … all with one piece of apparatus.

It takes observe to use the unit properly. you will got to wipe up water leaks with a towel, and you will get to purchase cleaning product to be used with this machine.

For those that have asked a few hardwood floor steam cleaner, this Bissell steam mop could be a smart thought.

It weighs but seven pounds and therefore the head swivels to urge underneath kitchen cupboards and around furniture. It uses solely water to form steam, therefore there are not any cleaning product to shop for and no chemicals or odors.

It may not essentially disinfect the ground, however it will wash the surface and leave it wanting recent and clean. It is potential it would leave droplets or little puddles of water – not smart on wood flooring. therefore follow up with a towel (drag it around along with your feet) to make sure you catch any water that is left behind.

I am slightly uncomfortable with the thought of “steaming” hardwood floors. In fact, i am not real keen on wet vacuums either. Since wood is therefore sensitive to water … leaving the water management throughout the cleaning method to a machine looks risky. If there are little puddles or streaks of water left behind that you simply do not notice, it may cause harm to your floor. So, please use caution.

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